Daniel Atkinson

Game Developer

Student Project - Crossing Streams

A multiplayer top-down roguelike shooter developed by a team of four students at Okanagan College as an eight month project. My primary responsibility on the project was to design and implement the enemies that players would fight in the game. I designed and coded the base architecture of the enemy such that we could replace key components such as attacking or moving with components that provided new and exciting behaviours. I also chose to implement a set utility theory algorithms that governed decision making for the enemies that could be tuned based on the components added so each behaved slightly differently. This project was completed and delivered to our client in April, 2017.

Global Game Jam 2017 - Bropoat

You, an inexperienced stage hand, have been told to ensure that the boats in the theatre's production will make it past the sea monster. Unfortunately, all you have been given is a rope to launch the boat with.

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One Month Game - Crash and Boom

A 2.5D arena shooter pitting the player against a onslaught of enemies as you try to grab weapon crates for points and a random weapon.

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One Month Game - Captain America Simulator

Run through labyrinths of armed foes, blocking bullets, punching faces, and of course throwing your mighty shield.

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Global Game Jam 2016 - Fear Expulsion

Theme: Humans vs Monsters, 1v3 cat and mouse styled game. Human players team up to banish the monster by collecting items, dashing from safe zone to safe zone, and preforming a ritual. The monster has to catch and eliminate all players.

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